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Hayom Yom

Hayom-Yom for 7, Sivan

6 Sivan, 5778 - May 20, 20188 Sivan, 5778 - May 22, 2018

Hayom Yom was written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 5703 (1942-43).
In this box we have listed the Torah Lessons for this year.
The Torah Lessons below in the text are as they were in the original edition.
Monday, 7 Sivan, 5778 - May 21, 2018
Torah Lessons
Chumash: Nasso, 2nd portion (Num. 4:38-4:49) with Rashi.
Tehillim: 39-43
Tanya: English text / Audio / MP3
     3 chapters: Hebrew / Audio / MP3,
     1 chapter: Hebrew / Audio / MP3,
     Sefer Hamitzvos: English / Audio / MP3

Thursday Sivan 7, 2nd Day of Shavuot 5703
Torah Lessons
Chumash: Nasso, Chamishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 39-43.
Tanya: Shaar Hayichud Vehaemunah (p. 287)...are one. (p. 289).

Procedure for the congregant during the blessing by the Kohanim (p. 268): When the Kohanim say Yevarech'cha, face forward; When Kohanim say Hashem, turn head to right (which is the left of the Kohein pronouncing the blessing). When the Kohanim say V'yishm'recha, face forward. While Kohanim say Ya'eir, turn head to left (which is to the right of the Kohein pronouncing the blessing), etc. At Shalom face forward.

Say Ribono Shel Olam only while the Kohanim sing (the wordless accompanying melody); but when they pronounce the words, one must listen. When the Kohanim sing the wordless melody prior to saying V'yaseim, say Ribono until Hatzadik. During the similar choral introduction to L'cha, say from V'im until Elisha. Likewise before Shalom say from Uch'sheim until L'tova. As the Kohanim finish pronouncing the word Shalom, say V'tishm'reini U't'chaneini Vvetirtseini.

Adir Bamarom is said after responding Amein, while face is still covered by the Tallit.

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